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Ellepot System

Hitiri Plant Nursery is using the Ellepot System to propagate/grow healthier plants.  

The Ellepot system was developed in Denmark and has been used for 25 years with customers in 130 countries.  The Ellepot system has specially designed machines, propagation trays and paper for the production of paper pots.

The Ellepot system is a smarter, more efficient way of working in a nursery for many reasons; 

      • the Ellepot degradable paper results in healthier and faster growing plants with better root development,

        • the Ellepot trays are designed to give optimal air circulation and drainage,

          • at planting time there is no transplant shock as roots and soil all contained within the bag and planted in the ground.  This also means faster and better handling and planting for the planters,

            • AND after planting there are no plastic pots or trays in the planting site!

          We are further supporting the environment by producing and planting trees without the extra plastic packaging.

          Ellepot Machine
          Ellepot Trays
          Ellepot paper pot