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Hitiri Native Plant Nursery

Passionate about helping farmers reach their environmental goals.

Based in Kinloch near Taupo we sell native plants for gardens and farms throughout the Bay of Plenty, Central Plateau and Waikato. We can help supply and advise on a range of native planting projects including riparian restoration, native shelter belts, manuka planting projects, lifestyle blocks and home garden planting.

Our extensive knowledge of individual plant species, their growing conditions and habitat needs, alongside our planting techniques, ensures maximum success for your project. We believe that proper site preparation, planting and aftercare are just as important as sourcing the right trees for the project.

Owners of Hitiri native Allan and Petra have long careers in planting restoration, riparian and conservation blocks and are committed to working in the environment.

Repairian restoration planting with natives

Riparian restoration

We specialize in riparian restoration, re-vegetation, and land stabilization. The riparian boundary (stream or river edge) is an area most prone to damage by erosion and the best place to filter any sediment, nitrogen or harmful bacteria before it reaches our precious waterways.

One of the ways we can collectively help to change and improve the water quality of our waterways is by fencing off waterways and planting natives to trap and utilize excess nutrients contained in overland flows. If you need help choosing the right mix of plants, please feel free to contact us.

Shelter belt planting with natives

Native shelterbelts

We can supply plants for native shelterbelts which can help to reduce wind speed and improve the local microclimate. They also provide important habitats for native insects and birds. 

Native shelterbelts have multiple benefits including being dense from the ground up, increasing biodiversity, and are largely maintenance free once they have established. If you need help choosing the right plants for your shelter belt, please feel free to contact us.